First Project of 2017


Has been delivered!

Almost two years ago I did a marketing film for a private christian school in Florida, and this fall they asked me to do a re-edit. A while back I decided to never delete footage I shot for my clients, so that was easy to do. Even easier what the fact that they wanted most of the original content minus some and all I had to do was go through some of the footage that didn’t make it in the original cut and input it into the original video.

Yesterday I got an email telling me how much the school administration loves it and to go ahead and deliver the final cut. Which was done last night! I usually deliver every project on a thumb drive and DVD, but this time they asked me to put all the files directly on Dropbox. Once I rendered the final files, it uploaded in less than an hour. I like to deliver a master file and a few options for online streaming. Can’t wait to do more of this on 2017!