Kimberly & Kevin

I haven’t posted anything in a while I’ve been so busy finishing up projects before I leave town for an entire month. I will be working on a feature film, my second feature as 1st AD, and that’s got me all kinds of excited. But, since the last time I wrote I shot, edited, and delivered a new True Love Story Film, and you can see it right here:

This couple was/is so freaking awesome and cool. We met exactly one week before their wedding, talk about last minute! I liked them right away, and the three of us connected immediately. If you don’t already know me, then you don’t know that my motto is, if you wouldn’t want me at your wedding as a guest, then you probably don’t want me to shoot your wedding film, and I take this to heart. I think it is very important for the couple to like me, we don’t have to be BFF’s, but if I’m the kind of person that you wouldn’t invite to your wedding, why would you want me there at all?

Anyways, we talked over coffee, they were super laid back, they didn’t even hire a photographer for the entire day! Instead they hired a company that organizes beach weddings, which is called Dream Beach Wedding. I have to say they did an amazing job. The wedding was at the Coronado Boathouse, in Coronado, CA. So they didn’t have nor allowed electrical outlets or wires to be ran on the sand for the ceremony. Well, I was preparing myself to not have a sound system and rely solely on my battery powered equipment to capture sound during the ceremony, but Dream Beach Weddings was all set up with their own battery operated sound system. I still used my equipment, but I was able to pick up their sound for reference with my on camera shotgun mics. Dream beach weddings also had their own photographer shooting during the ceremony and did a photo shoot with the bride and groom after. During the reception they had a friend take pictures using their own dslr, so at the end of the night the couple had most of the images from their day. This was such a last minute wedding, and I didn’t get every vendor info, but I wish I had, because everyone was so nice and the entire day was pretty amazing!