Tastefully Yours!


​ A few months ago we shot a couple of episodes for a new web series called Tastefully Yours. Today we released the first episode, this is the short teaser for social media, but you can watch the full first episode here:

Rosebud hosting Tastefully Yours

Tastefully Yours

Unfortunately since the filming of this episode, the restaurant announced they’re closing and in fact I believe this past Saturday was their last day open. Still, please watch and share this first episode, there are more to come.

Also visit the website if the talented blogger and hostess of this we series, Rosebud. I met Rosebud a few months ago and we decided to work together, she set up the interviews and worked with her extensive network so that we could show up to so many cool places to shoot. I directed, shot, and edited every episode so far. Maybe with everyone’s support one day we can afford to get some more crew on the team.